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Trevor is the very best! So skip the rest! We showed up From Atlanta for our kid's wedding event and had an incident with our rental cars and truck. We got a recommendation to Trevor and he came by right away and fixed our bumper asap. His prices are fair and their attention to detail is remarkable. We likewise knocked the mirror off my kid's Honda while checking out LA and Trevor has as soon as again pertain to the rescue and bought a replacement for less than half of the car dealership. You see few individuals in the vehicle repair business who are as kind and honest as Trevor. Only wish he made service calls to Atlanta! Keep up the excellent work and attention to detail ... Sara Ross

Trevor was prepared and extremely communicative to own all the way down to Redondo Beach from the Valley to simply have an appearance at my bumper. Trevor and George salvaged my bumper for $425. The following image information is the outcome of analysis on the massive image information all over the Internet, and it is all associated with the keyword Bumper Repair Near Me.
how much does it cost to fix a car bumper or damage near me?

Trevor and George are remarkable! I have a 2016 Subaru Outback and backed into a rock lined driveway. I had a terrible damage in my bumper. I called the Subaru dealer and they referred me to a place then I called some other places too - the quotes were over $1900 to repair the damage. I made a few more telephone call and then was described Trevor at ATS. Trevor charged me $700 for everything and my bumper looks wonderful!!! It is truly important to Trevor that his consumers are pleased, the work is high quality, which he is fair on his prices. I extremely recommend ATS!!! Thank you, Trevor !! I'm so happy!!


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Trevor and George rock I have actually finally navigated to leaving an evaluation that ATS should have. They concerned MY HOUSE! Doesn't get more convenient than that. The job they did to my vehicle was amazing. Fixed a pretty big scrape on the bumper (didn't even have to eliminate it)and some road rash on the bottom front and back entrance panels. It looked brand brand-new. I highly advise the work, and will use them once again.


Trevor was amazing. Sent him a photo of the damage to my 2009 Ford Focus. He called me immediately and offered me a cost that was way less expensive than a body shop. He matched my automobile color exactly and the bumper looks brand name new! Would absolutely suggest this location to all my buddies!


Trevor and George did an outstanding task on two cars. They were exceptionally through. Trevor hired advance of our consultation to verify and they revealed on time. The quality of the paint and the workmanship are excellent. He utilizes PPG paints which from my experience is one of the very best out there. His rates are fair, premium work. I highly advise Trevor's services as he knows his things.


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"Becoming a Bumper Man franchise owner is the most intelligent company choice I've ever made. I work smarter and have more freedom-- no more operating nights or weekends. I seem like I was born to do this!" Don Hughes-- Central Fort Worth, TX


Did your vehicle sustain any Mechanical damage? We will have to determine if your accident triggered any damage to your suspension, radiator, condenser, and more. Sometimes, your automobile won't appear all that damaged, however there will be costly mechanical and electrical damage below the surface area in need of repair work. Due to the fact that the vehicle is created to transfer the energy of the crash away from the guest compartment, it is not unusual for engine mounts, transmission installs, exhaust and other components to become harmed even if they are far away from the area of the damage.


Trevor was fantastic. I had another mobile body guy come and he damageded my 2017 Range Rover and Trevor pertained to my place and did his magic. I can't thank him enough !!! He fast and excellent and really helped me out.


Ats Mobile Bumper Repair

"I understood definitely nothing about bumpers. I was a youth pastor and I did construction and I wasn't great at construction. Bumper Man taught me everything I had to know. They showed me the ropes and it's been a fantastic 6 years!" Andrew Page-- Charleston, SC


Does the bumper repair require any extra Paint work? If any of your broken car body parts require replacement, the brand-new parts will have to be primed and painted. If any damaged parts can be fixed, we will likely have to sand and paint them in order to have them looking brand new once again. Airbags Did one or more of your air bags release? If so you might be looking at as much as $1500 per airbag to change those.

We got a referral to Trevor and he came over best away and repaired our bumper asap. Trevor was willing and incredibly communicative to own all the method down to Redondo Beach from the Valley to simply have a look at my bumper. Trevor and George salvaged my bumper for $425. Trevor charged me $700 for everything and Bumper Repair my bumper looks great!!! It is actually crucial to Trevor that his customers are pleased, the work is high quality, and that he is reasonable on his costs. Does the bumper repair work need any additional Paint work?

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